Feed My Starving Children has a highly visual and compelling story of volunteers of all ages making international impact. FMSC volunteer events have a team-building environment where people of all backgrounds come together for a common cause: packing nutritious, life-saving meals for hungry, malnourished and starving children. These meals are shipped to nearly 70 countries around the world, truly offering hope to the hungry and building generations of healthy children.

Members of the press corp are welcome to visit our sites or MobilePack events to experience our powerful mission. Before taking photos or video at our sites for media purposes, please contact Gwendolyn Cowle (see below).

International Media Queries

            Gwendolyn Cowle
            Marketing Manager
            Direct: 763.951.7313
            Main office: 763.504.2919
            Email: GCowle@fmsc.org