Feed My Starving Children’s volunteer program offers groups of all kinds the opportunity to work together in a positive, team-focused environment. Some of the groups who make FMSC an integral part of their service programs include:


Elementary, middle and high schools use FMSC to strengthen curriculum efforts focusing on citizenship, social service, asset building and other positive aspects of character development. The FMSC volunteer experience can provide a real-world application of classroom learning. Students are able to work together for a finite period of time and with a specific, high-value outcome. At the end of every volunteer session the group knows exactly how many meals were produced to eliminate hunger in the world.


FMSC provides a deeply meaningful service opportunity for Sunday School classes, confirmation classes, mission programs, and intergenerational fellowship groups. In a uniquely experiential and fun way, the FMSC volunteer experience engages hearts, hands, and minds for Christ, and fulfills the need of the giver to give. Recognizing the community-building impact of partnership with FMSC, many churches identify FMSC as a staple ministry, incorporating volunteering and fundraising into the life of the church on a regular basis. Some churches link FMSC with their other mission activities by designating meals they pack for a specific country or mission program, or by delivering FMSC meals during mission trips to places their church supports. The FMSC approach offers a powerful opportunity for disciples of Christ to share the love of Christ and to see first hand the difference FMSC volunteers make in response to Christ’s call to feed His starving children.


Corporations of every kind use FMSC as a site for team building programs. Because of FMSC’s emphasis on small group involvement and outcome-focused participation, the volunteer experience offers a wonderful way for a company to engage employees and motivate with the selfless benefit of feeding the world’s starving children.

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