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Feed My Starving Children's food formula is designed to meet the needs of severely malnourished children.

FMSC Meal Formula: MannaPack Potato-W

MannaPack Potato-W was created by FMSC with the help of a dietitian who understands the nutritional needs of the malnourished. It was developed in response to feedback from many FMSC partners who expressed a great need for a food appropriate for children too young to consume MannaPack Rice.

MannaPack Potato-W is a weaning food designed to meet World Health Organization recommended nutrient requirements for children 7-12 months of age. It helps bridge the gap between breastfeeding and solid foods, such as MannaPack Rice.  It can be used as a sole weaning food, or alongside breastfeeding or other age-appropriate foods available locally.

There are 12 half-cup servings per bag. The three ingredients include:

   1.   Potato granules - source of resistant starches
   2.   Soy flour - protein source
   3.   Sweet potato flavoring - includes the vitamin and mineral blend and extra fat necessary for weaning children

Cooking is not required to prepare MannaPack Potato-W.  The product simply needs to be mixed with a safe, potable liquid.

Though they share the same three component ingredients, MannaPack Potato-W is different from MannaPack Potato-D in that it has more fat (which is critical for weaning children and unhelpful for those suffering from diarrhea), and the vitamin & mineral blend is specially tailored for children 7-12 months old.

This product name was chosen to capture both the nourishing qualities of the supplement and FMSC’s spiritual mission by using the word manna, which the dictionary defines as:

   1.   In the Bible, the food miraculously provided for the Israelites in the wilderness during their flight from Egypt.
   2.   Spiritual nourishment of divine origin.
   3.   Something of value that a person receives unexpectedly.

Potato is in the name because the product is potato-based rather than rice-based. W is in the name to indicate that this is a weaning food intended for children 7-12 months old.

As with Feed My Starving Children’s (FMSC) original rice-based formula, MannaPack Potato-W is produced by volunteers. The food-packing process offers a tangible service opportunity for children and adults and adds a human touch to international food aid. A single meal costs less than 25 cents to produce, and FMSC devotes more than 90 percent of total donations to feeding kids.

If you are a volunteer seeking food allergy information, visit our Allergy Information page.