How much of my donation goes to the food?

  • 92% of the total donations goes directly to the food program. 8% goes to fundraising, administration, and overhead combined.

Are you affiliated with any other organizations?

  • No, we are not associated with any other feeding businesses. We are not the same company as Kids Against Hunger, Feed the Children, Impact Lives, or any other feeding group. We are a Christian 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. We are independently audited every year and received an "Exceptional" rating by the Charity Navigator, indicating our organization exceeds industry standards and outperforms most charities in its cause.

How much does the food cost?

  • Each meal costs us only 22 cents to produce.

Do you sell the food?

  • No. All of our food is donated to the recipients. We do ask that the partnering (or recipient) organization pay for the shipping charges.

How do you determine who receives the food?

  • We receive food aid applications daily. The distribution committee meets and reviews each application, evaluating them in several different categories, including physical condition of the children, percentage of children vs. adults served, other food available, the type of feeding program and the ability to receive and store the food safely. At the end of the discussion, the committee prays for God’s guidance and then rates each application. Food is allocated based on the rating each application receives.

Where do you send your food?

  • We have sent food to more than 70 countries in our history including Haiti, Sudan, Jamaica, Bolivia, Dominican Republic, Tanzania, Lesotho, Liberia, Ghana, Guatemala, Malawi, Cambodia, East Timor, Nicaragua, Sri Lanka, India, Indonesia, Cameroon, Niger, Colombia, and El Salvador, and to Hurricane Katrina victims in Louisiana, Mississippi and many more.

Do you feed children here in the United States?

  • Feed My Starving Children (FMSC) targets feeding programs to children who are in the most severe circumstances, those suffering from severe malnutrition and threatened with death from starvation. The United States does not have that level of hunger on a widespread basis. In the past we have supplied food to an Indian reservation in South Dakota and to those affected by Hurricane Katrina.

Where do you get your financial support from?

  • Most of our support comes from individuals, followed by churches, foundations, and corporations.

Do you buy the ingredients for the meals?

  • Yes. We purchase all of the raw ingredients - soy, rice, vegetables, and the vitamin and mineral vegetarian chicken flavoring mix. The ingredients are one of the largest expenses that we have.

Who started Feed My Starving Children?

  • A Minnesota businessman started FMSC after he saw devastating hunger on a mission trip to Honduras.

How long have you been doing this?

  • Feed My Starving Children was founded in 1987; the first shipment of the current food formula was sent in 1991.

Have you tested different flavors?

  • Yes. None has been as universally accepted as the current vegetarian chicken flavor.

Who are your partners?

  • Worldwide Christian and humanitarian relief organizations including Salesian Missions, Reach Now International, Samaritans International, Love A Child, Church of Bible Understanding, OC Ministries, Kids Around the World, OrphanAge, UMCOR, Cross International, and many others.

Do you have to be a Christian to pack?

  • No. We welcome people of every faith to participate in our life-giving mission.

Do you require delivery of a Christian message when the food is served?

  • No. Our food is given to the neediest children, regardless of their faith or whether a Christian message is delivered. All of God’s children deserve to be fed.

Can the hunger problem ever be solved?

  • There is currently enough food in the world to feed everyone. The model FMSC has created works. With many people working together, we can have a significant impact on hunger and malnutrition worldwide.

What makes FMSC food so special for a malnourished child?

  • Our food was designed by food scientists at Cargill and General Mills to meet the nutritional needs of a 4-to-8-year-old malnourished child. Each meal has 20 different vitamins and minerals that are specifically tailored to meet a child’s nutritional needs for one day.

How do I volunteer at Feed My Starving Children? Can someone help me with the Volunteer Reservations website?