Team Leader Academy


Team Leader Academy Mission: Invest in Team Leaders through an international experience that enhances and inspires FMSC storytelling.

This unprecedented training program is dedicated to making the FMSC Team Leader experience the best it can be. We believe going on a trip through the Team Leader Academy will enable our amazing Team Leaders to propel FMSC’s mission by experiencing the stories they tell on a first-hand basis and observing the hard work our food partners do every day in the countries we serve.

On a Team Leader Academy trip

What to expect on a TLA trip

The Team Leader Academy is an in-country learning program. Eligible Team Leaders* will experience classroom and field training on storytelling, poverty, world hunger, FMSC’s global operations and what our partners do. Team Leaders will see partner programs first-hand and learn how to apply their experiences and training to their everyday job duties.

Sample itinerary

Day 1

Travel day! Head to the airport, meet your team and board your flight! Once you arrive at your country destination, you may be met at the airport by an FMSC partner, check-in to your team hotel and/or travel to a FMSC food partner’s team housing. Get to know your teammates over dinner and enjoy an evening devotional together. Then, get some sleep and prepare for an amazing week!

Days 2-4

On a Team Leader Academy trip

These mornings will be filled with waking up bright and early for breakfast, morning check-ins and team prayer time. Then, get ready to experience FMSC food in action and storytelling training. You’ll receive classroom training and workshops on storytelling, global poverty and learn about FMSC’s global operations.

Team Leader Academy
Take a lunch break and meet some of our FMSC food distribution partners! Enjoy hearing stories about their life and work in-country. Then, they’ll take you out into the city or countryside to see and experience their programs first-hand. You may visit orphanages, schools or medical clinics where FMSC meals are served. They may give you a tour of their office buildings and show you the warehouses where the pallets of FMSC meals are stored after they arrive from the port. You may even experience the difficult path our meals often take to reach the people who need them most, and you might even dish up some MannaPack Rice to serve to kids for their daily meal. Now’s the time to soak in the sights and sounds and experience what life is like in this part of the world, so you can bring it back to share with our volunteers and donors. You’ll get to tangibly see the difference FMSC food makes.
On a Team Leader Academy trip
The day before you leave, you might enjoy a fun cultural experience with your group. You may visit an open-air market, listen to live music or sample some amazing local food. Then return in the evening for dinner and an evening devotional.

Day 5

Travel day! Wake up bright and early for breakfast, check-in and pray with your group, then load up your luggage and head back to the airport to board your flight. Arrive back in the USA where you’ll be ready to apply your fresh experiences and insight right away in your job as Team Leader. Share photos and stories with coworkers, friends and family, and get ready to process your amazing trip experience for weeks, months and even years to come.

"The orphanage kids...were the most grateful people I have ever met.... their hearts are filled with pure love because of their experiences as young children struggling before FMSC delivered life-saving nourishment to them. Team Leader Academy was the single best experience I've had in my life so far and I hope to continue having more experiences like that in my future."

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* Trip invitations are subject to business needs, meeting tenure and work hours eligibility requirements after hire, and adequate individual work performance. Learn more by emailing questions to