Where we serve

We partner with organizations and ministries around the world to get life-saving meals to the people who need them most.



MannaPack® meals are distributed by dependable partner organizations and ministries in 14 countries in the Caribbean.

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North and Central America

FMSC meals are shipped to a fantastic network of reliable food partners in 8 countries in North and Central America.

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Middle East

MannaPack® meals are sent to 10 countries in the Middle East and distributed by trustworthy food partners committed to getting nutritious food to those who need it most.

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We currently send MannaPack® meals to incredible partner ministries working in 16 countries in Asia.

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South America

Your hands help us pack and send life-saving MannaPack® meals to our amazing, steadfast partners located in 8 countries in South America.

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In Europe, several FMSC partners are working hard on the ground to get MannaPack® meals into the hands of the hungry.

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FMSC works with many embedded food partners who are reaching the most needy and vulnerable in 39 countries in Africa.

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The above map shows meals shipped since 2009. Also, final destinations are subject to change due to variabilities in international shipping.

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