Meals shipped to date: 189,394,104

Meals shipped last year: 27,473,472

MannaPack® meals are distributed by a fantastic network of dependable partner organizations and ministries in 14 countries in the Caribbean. 

FMSC has very strong, long-standing relationships with many food distribution partners in the country of Haiti, as well as strengthening collaborations with many partners in the neighboring country of the Dominican Republic. 

Haiti suffers from political instability, hurricanes and periodic droughts and is considered to be the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. 

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Hand-crafted items from the Caribbean

FMSC’s international MarketPlace enables artisans who receive MannaPack meals in the Caribbean to find steady employment through creating beautiful hand-crafted items. The sales they receive from these items (through your purchases!) enable them to support their families and send their children to school. MarketPlace purchases build communities and profits go back into our feeding programs.

FMSC supports 583 artisans in the Caribbean.

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