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May 2016 Manna



Below is a listing of our most recent MANNA publications:

September 2016

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  • You restored hope
  • Register for FMSC's MN Gala!
  • Life for Sevina
  • Just in! FMSC fall apparel
  • FMSC wedding favors
  • Be Jesus with skin on

August 2016

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  • You Saved Angel
  • You Made this Possible
  • These Girls Will Inspire You
  • Purchase a Lantern. Support Artisans Like Claudy.
  • New Video: Food at Work: Batey 106
  • A Little Girl's Giving Heart

July 2016

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  • Your Faithful Support Changed His Life
  • Grateful for You
  • Getting Stronger Thanks to You
  • Purchase a Garden Stake. Support Artisans Like Sabelo.
  • Trusting the Lord
  • Refugees: You Have Not Forgotten

June 2016

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  • Changing Lauza's Future
  • Virginia Packs 5 Million Meals!
  • Joy as a Monthly Sustainer
  • Shop Father's Day Gifts. Support Artisans Like Noel.
  • Hiking Against Hunger
  • New Video: Thank You for an Extraordinary Year!


May 2016

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  • What an Amazing Year!
  • Gala Recap
  • From Tears to Hope
  • Shop for Summer. Support Artisans Like Sandra.
  • Born Passion
  • Karen Refugees Give Back


April 2016

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  • There Was No Food
  • More than Food
  • Join Us at the Gala!
  • MarketPlace Feature: Love for Mom = Hope
  • Donor-Volunteers of the Month
  • New Video: FMSC Partners Provide Clean Water

March 2016

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  • You Made the Greatest Difference
  • Special Easter Packing Sessions
  • 5 Million Meals in Miami
  • Purchase a Basket: Support Artisans Like Betty
  • Watch Again: How FMSC Meals Are Changing the World

February 2016

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  • Hope for Nilo
  • Sprinkler Systems That Feed Kids
  • Donor-Volunteers of the Month
  • FMSC MarketPlace: Artisans Transform Clay from Food to Income

January 2016

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  • 2015 was an incredible year thanks to you!
  • 22 Pounds of Hope
  • Volunteer Highlight!
  • FMSC MarketPlace: Beth's Story
  • Magazine Necklace Made by Beth

December 2015

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  • Gifts of Great Love
  • Holiday Packing Sessions
  • MN Gala Recap
  • FMSC MarketPlace: John's Story
  • Vine Wreaths Handmade by John

November 2015

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  • Special Holiday Packing Sessions
  • Reaching the Unreached
  • Mesa Packing Competition
  • Show Love & Give Back
  • Donor-Volunteers of the Month
  • New Video: Emmanuel's Story

October 2015

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  • He Was Just Bones
  • Register for FMSC's MN Gala!
  • 21 Adorable Smiles
  • Hand Out Hope on Halloween
  • Donor-Volunteers of the Month
  • New Video: Back to School Around the World