A nutritious food supply allows our partners to stabilize communities and devote resources to schools, healthcare, ministry, agriculture, and micro-business.

Our Role in Sustainable Development

The world has a spectrum of food needs. FMSC strives to serve each community according to its needs and resources, with the goal of helping people to thrive on their own. Unlike crisis-driven relief agencies, FMSC stays with communities for the long haul, helping them move from relief to rehabilitation to development.

FMSC has developed two approaches to make our food assistance model even
more effective:

  1. Coalition of Relief Organizations Promoting Practical Solutions (CROPPS)
    FMSC believes that when multiple organizations work together, the time it takes to transition from relief to family and community resiliency can be drastically reduced. That’s why CROPPS was created with a goal to develop close working relationships between FMSC distribution partners working in the same country or region and other like-minded organizations including local churches and government agencies. The partners are “implementers,” seeking opportunities to enhance their relief and development activities while others are “solution providers,” who are experts in safe water, subsistence agriculture, micro-finance, education, and spiritual development. 

    Our current Solution Providers:
  2. Project-Based Food Assistance (PBFA)
    In short-term, highly targeted projects, FMSC brings church, government, and community leaders together in a comprehensive campaign to eliminate hunger at its roots. We believe that prescriptive application of food assistance for one to three years, in a clearly defined geographic area, will decrease hunger-related illness and financial burden on individuals and administering ministries. By applying this concept, individuals and communities will become self-sufficient. 

Sustainable Development Programs
Special FMSC initiatives aim to help communities end hunger permanently.

Full-Length Position Paper
We are deeply committed to the long-term development of communities. Here is a 4 page description of our work toward that goal.

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