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With a monthly commitment, you can make a huge impact on hunger. Your dependable monthly support provides HOPE through food to kids, EVERY DAY.
Benefits of becoming a Monthly Sustainer:
  • Efficient – Each meal costs less than 25 cents to make and more than 90% of total donations goes directly toward feeding kids, making your gift go a long way in the fight against world hunger.
  • Convenient – Your monthly donation processes automatically through your chosen payment method.
  • Flexible – You can change the amount of your gift any time.

Your monthly donation from your bank account eliminates credit/debit card fees and allows us to feed more kids!

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If you are a current Monthly Sustainer, please contact Katie Olson at or 763.951.7455 for any updates or changes you may need with your monthly contribution.

"I am at peace knowing little children are being fed every day. It is a privilege and a blessing that I am able to make a difference in their lives."