Volunteer-related FAQs

Watch this video for a demonstration of how to register online.

Managing volunteer registrations:

How do I volunteer at Feed My Starving Children?

How do we cancel a reservation?

May we bring more volunteers than the number of spots we reserved?

May we still come if we don't have all of our volunteers?

May we volunteer with any number of people?

I plan to bring a group every month. Is there a way to set up a recurring group?

Assorted volunteer questions:

Are masks required to volunteer?

What is the minimum age for volunteering?

How do I get credit for my community service hours?

Are donations required?

Do I need to arrive early for orientation?

Are we supposed to wear any particular clothing?

Can we wear jewelry while packing?

Can I volunteer if I'm sick/have been sick?

Special volunteer requests:

May we volunteer at a time other than your listed packing sessions? (i.e., earlier or later than the start time or on a Sunday)

If we have already been through volunteer orientation, do we need to go through it again?

May we bring birthday parties?

Accessibility for volunteers:

Are there sit-down jobs for volunteers?

Are your sites handicap accessible?

Can you accommodate special needs groups?

I have food allergies. Can I see a list of ingredients I would be exposed to in the packing room? If I'm allergic to one of the ingredients is there something I can still do?

Other FAQs


What is a Fully Invested session & why do you require a donation for your special Fully Invested shifts?

How much does the food cost?

How much of my donation goes to the food?

Where do you get your financial support from?

Do you buy the ingredients for the meals?

Do you have any fundraising ideas or resources?


Do you have to be a Christian to pack meals?

Do you require delivery of a Christian message when the food is served?


How do you determine who receives the food?

Where do you send your food?

Do you feed children here in the United States?

Do you sell the food?


Are you affiliated with any other organizations?

Who are your partners?

Halal certification:

What is Halal certification?

Why has Feed My Starving Children pursued halal certification?

Does the halal seal compromise the Christian foundation of FMSC?

Why does FMSC serve Muslim people?

Who declared the meals halal?

Did you have dietary and cultural experts help with the process?

Will FMSC also obtain kosher certification?