MobilePack promotion toolkit

Fillable Promotion 11x17 poster
Introduce your event.

Donations 8.5x11 poster
Begin the fundraising conversation.

Announcement 11x17 poster
Get the buzz going with a "save the date" announcement!

Informational materials

Share more information about your MobilePack and FMSC. 

Invitation postcard
(4 per page)

Facebook cover photos

Facebook posts

Instagram posts

Facebook and Twitter profile pictures

  • Download from toolkit and save to your computer.
  • Fill out yellow sections with your event and contact information.
  • Add quotes and appropriate extra details.
  • Send to FMSC for approval:

Event shirts

Event shirts are often an excellent way to raise funds. Sell shirts in advance of your event to spread the word and get people excited! We work with St. Croix Printing to provide an easy way for you to print event t-shirts. You can choose from the popular FMSC designs below and then customize with your event or organization name.

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