MobilePack promotion toolkit


Welcome, MobilePack™ hosts! Thank you for joining us! As a MobilePack host you have become a part of the FMSC team, and we’re so excited you’re here. 

We want to help your packing event be the best it can be, so we’ve created this toolkit as a resource for you. Use these publicity materials to jump-start your event and to keep the momentum going throughout your event planning process.

The basics

  1. Download the materials. You’ll simply need any photo-viewing software and Adobe Reader. Get a FREE Adobe Reader download here
  2. Fill in your MobilePack information: event name, date(s), location and details.
  3. Print at your home, office or a local printing company.
  4. Promote your MobilePack around your community! 

 This toolkit will help you:

  • Build relationships with your community and media
  • Spread FMSC awareness in your area
  • Fuel funds for your MobilePack and the FMSC cause


Hang up these posters in your church, business or other community areas. 

Fillable Promotion 11x17 poster
Introduce your event.

Donations 8.5x11 poster
Begin the fundraising conversation.

Announcement 11x17 poster
Get the buzz going with a "save the date" announcement!

Informational materials

Share more information about your MobilePack and FMSC. 

MobilePack experience video
Show the MobilePack Experience Video at meetings or before worship services. 


Use this Letterhead for more direct person-to-person contact. Just add your MobilePack event name, number and location. Use the sample text to contact individuals, churches and businesses. Letters are formatted to tri-fold into No. 10 window envelopes. Adapt the text to fit your event and your community.

Fundraising event invitations

Use these postcard-style invites for your MobilePack or for fundraising events along the way. 

Social media

Spread the word through social media! Create a Facebook page and/or a Twitter handle. Use this Facebook and Twitter profile picture to get you going! To differentiate your event from other MobilePacks on Facebook and Twitter, include your location or host name in your Facebook page name or Twitter handle. For information about naming your event, see "Branding" note above.

Facebook cover photos

Facebook posts

Instagram posts

Facebook and Twitter profile pictures

Press release template

Reach out to local media to raise awareness for your event! Simply update the highlighted fields and send your customized news release for approval to before you distribute it. 

  • Download from toolkit and save to your computer.
  • Fill out yellow sections with your event and contact information.
  • Add quotes and appropriate extra details.
  • Send to FMSC for approval:

Event shirts

Event shirts are often an excellent way to raise funds. Sell shirts in advance of your event to spread the word and get people excited! We work with St. Croix Printing to provide an easy way for you to print event t-shirts. You can choose from the popular FMSC designs below and then customize with your event or organization name.

Learn more 

Please note: If you would like to design your own custom event t-shirt, please email the design to for approval prior to printing.

MobilePack logos

You may use these logos to help create a brand for your event. NOTE: Please read and follow our FMSC guidelines. Please send your document to so our Marketing team can verify the correct use of our logo for your event. 

FMSC photo gallery

Visit FMSC’s Flickr photostream to view and download images to use in your promotional materials.* 

To download an image on Flickr: 

  • Click on the photo.
  • Click the arrow in right-hand corner.
  • Choose the size you want to download.
  • Save the photo to your computer.

*Please be sure to include the correct caption assigned to each photo on the Flickr page.


We love to connect with you and assist you as needed! Please reach out first to your Event Planner and MobilePack Development Advisor, then email for logo, flyer and press release questions and approval.

Branding: event name & website

When creating your Event Name, do not use "Feed My Starving Children" or "FMSC" alone in the title. Please add "MobilePack" to the title to avoid confusion with our permanent sites and national identity. 

  • Examples: "Sioux Falls FMSC MobilePack" or "Bethlehem Lutheran MobilePack" 

Similarly, if you are creating an Event Website, you must also include "MobilePack" in the URL. 

  • Examples: "" or ""

Join the Facebook group!

Connect with other MobilePack hosts and FMSC staff members on our FMSC MobilePack Host Facebook group. This is a great place to collaborate with other MobilePack hosts and share creative fundraising ideas. Join now

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