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'Huge Blessings Come In Small Packages'

'Huge Blessings Come In Small Packages'

Did you know that Feed My Starving Children has more than one formula? In 2009, we developed MannaPack™ Potato-D to assist health care workers in managing diarrhea.

Potato-D is the first and only relief food to combat diarrhea, a leading killer in areas with poor sanitation. It’s not a medicine, but it slows fluid loss so the child can survive while medical treatment is delivered.

This very special formula can be given to children of all ages and complements oral rehydration therapy.

From Children’s Cup, one of Feed My Starving Children’s partners in Swaziland:

Each year in Swaziland we see thousands of children with our mobile medical clinic. Out of those thousands of children, we see hundreds of cases of diarrhea.

At the beginning of this year we introduced Potato-D as an alternative treatment for our children with diarrhea. It has been a huge success.

Diarrhea resolved within two days with every child we have given the Potato-D to.

Their families have visited the CarePoints to express their gratitude and comment on the simplicity of preparing it and how much the children enjoyed it.

Huge blessings come in small packages!

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