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Transcending Hope in Nicaragua

Transcending Hope in Nicaragua

"You gave a wide place for my steps under me, my feet did not slip." -- Psalm 18:36

Matt Muraski is the VP of International Programs and Supply Chain for Feed My Starving Children.

Our driver skillfully negotiated the winding curves and switchbacks as we ascended the mountains in northern Nicaragua.

The beautiful scenery was dotted with small huts of farmers that work the land to make a living through small plot subsistence farming.

Mark Crea and I arrived in country the night before to meet up with our longtime partner and host of this trip, Kevin Marinachi of Fabretto Children’s Foundation.

During the next three days we’d be visiting a number of places, very special places, in this remote section of Central America.

Fabretto specializes in developing the economic capacity of the poor so they can rise out of poverty’s grip.

They do this through specialized education methods and building schools in the poorer rural areas.

We visited a number of these special places, going down roads that only a four wheel drive vehicle could reach.

Remote certainly, but not forgotten because of partners like Fabretto who also rely on FMSC food for the schools’ feeding programs.

These schools are making a difference in their communities. We watched and listened as first graders struggled to read aloud and high school students proudly explained their agricultural projects.

These places are becoming even more special, one classroom at a time.

We were welcomed at the cooperative in Cusmapa that makes the pine needle baskets for our FMSC MarketPlace.


We watched as two women wove thread and pine needles together with a precision that yields a work of art. They have a small building which they gather in to share this craft with others as well as ensure that only the highest quality products are used for export.

The next day we visited local farmers who were dramatically improving their crop yields by learning new farming methods.

American Nicaraguan Foundation (ANF) in conjunction with Fabretto, is investing in and transforming how local foods are produced.

One of the highlights of the trip was standing in a field with about ten farmers who were learning these techniques.

They are a proud lot; proud of what they were learning and proud that they could support their families better.

As we talked and asked questions, smiles and laughter punctuated the sharing of experiences.

In my 10+ years of travel for FMSC I have learned to value this type of laughter as it is something not often encountered. I have to think that God was there too, laughing with us in this special place.

So know that the work we do to support organizations like Fabretto and ANF is truly a vital and important part of creating a better way of life for many people here in rural Nicaragua.

It is something special, this thing we get to do. It transcends hope; it reaches those in need; it creates very special places for very special people.

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