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Haiti: 'MannaPack is the Bridge'

Haiti: 'MannaPack is the Bridge'

Dawn Brown is one of our amazing FMSC food distribution partners. Her ministry, called School of Hope, teaches and feeds nearly 400 children in the coastal town of Arcahaie, Haiti.

Because most of the children in this rural town don’t have the chance to go to school, they are extremely susceptible to abuse, child slavery, prostitution, starvation and sickness.

Dawn’s mission at School of Hope is to teach the children about Jesus through basic math, spelling, reading and writing, in order to decrease illiteracy in the community.

Because you faithfully give, Dawn receives MannaPack meals that provide nutrition to help these beautiful children learn. “Without this food we would have nothing,” she says.

When she’s not working at the school, Dawn walks through the village and hands out FMSC MannaPack™ meals to each family she meets. She visits the children’s homes and searches for those who aren’t yet in school. 

'Soul Joy'

school of hope

In Dawn’s own words:

“Squatting down in the dirt with these little groups of families and neighbors, teaching the truths of Scripture, brings ‘soul joy’ to my entire being. God created me ‘for such a time as this.’

Sitting in the huts, charcoal fire smoke in my face, chickens clucking, goats knocking over kettles, little dirty-faced and snot-nosed beauties at my feet, with their bright eyes in deep focus absorbing every word of Scripture—it is nothing like I have ever experienced.

They are just not physically starving; they are starving to learn about Jesus, too.

I could not do this without FMSC. MannaPack is the bridge I use to teach God’s words of salvation. How do you teach someone about Jesus when they have not eaten that day?

Thank you, FMSC, for giving me courage, strength and hope to share the love of Christ with my mountain village community of friends through one small package of MannaPack.

With our children at our school being fed, I can now reach out to those who are afraid or unable to attend our school to learn about Jesus.”

May the God of all creation continue to bless FMSC with this incredible abundance of food to use to reach out to the “least of these.”

Your beautiful heart is inspiring to us, Dawn! Thank you for everything you do to feed kids both in body and in spirit.

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