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In Somalia: On the Brink of Famine

In Somalia: On the Brink of Famine

“Hear…look…and see!” – Isaiah 42:18

The rapidly-growing crisis in East Africa is so big, it’s quickly becoming something the world hasn’t seen in over 70 years.

In Somalia, people are running out of food and water. Animals and crops are dying. Children will die, too...if we don’t do something.

Then, there’s Haiti, where hundreds of families are living in damp, disease-ridden caves. Their homes, livestock and crops were destroyed by Hurricane Matthew. They have nothing left to survive on.

Simply put, time is running out. Kids are desperate for food. Our partners have requested 10 million more MannaPack™ meals. On behalf of Feed My Starving Children and our food partners, we’re asking you to help us stop famine before it becomes reality.

“Children are the most vulnerable during these famines. Always children become the victims,” Mohamed Idris, executive director for The American Relief Agency for the Horn of Africa (ARAHA), told the Star Tribune. “The problem is always the response, the lack of early intervention. People wait until the last minute. People want to see images on CNN and BBC. By that time, it’s too late.”


Please give your best gift today. You send food to people who need it most around the world…the least of these…whose livelihoods have been destroyed by drought, war or natural disaster. 

You step into places in need when the rest of the world has forgotten. Because if you don’t, people will die. 

We can’t pack and fund these life-saving meals without you. Please don’t read this without acting. You are the answer to their prayers. There is hope, because of you. 

Thank you for your generous action today.

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