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A Place in Honduras for Children to be Free

A Place in Honduras for Children to be Free

"Every child a whole child" -- Children's Cup Vision 

At the age of 11, Amilcar had endured so much hardship that he said he’d rather not have parents at all.

The 13-year-old’s parents didn’t have good reputations in their town in Honduras. His father left the family, but still lives in their town and is known to struggle with alcohol use disorder.

His mom lost her ability to speak in a tragic accident. She used to beg for money on the bus and in the streets in order to feed Amilcar and his little brother.

Most days the money was not enough, and to make matters worse, Amilcar’s father would often come to the house and steal what little money she made. On those days, Amilcar and his brother didn’t eat.

Eventually, she was able to save enough money to send Amilcar to school, where one of his friends realized he was sick and not doing well.

Amilcar explained it was because he had not eaten anything in multiple days. His friend brought him to Feed My Starving Children’s partner, Children’s Cup, where he was able to eat MannaPack Rice with friends from his school who already attended the after school program.

‘A Place Where Amilcar can be Free’

Since 2016, FMSC has shipped more than 816,000 meals to Honduras through Children’s Cup.

The ministry equips local churches in Swaziland, Mexico, Honduras, Belize and the Dominican Republic to transform communities through holistic child development.

They established CarePoints to provide children like Amilcar FMSC meals, medical care, character development and education assistance.

Simply put, lives are changed at CarePoints. Children who came to CarePoints hungry and desperate for food have now grown into bright, hope-filled young adults, leading the way in their families and communities.

Amilcar’s mother began bringing him and his brother to the CarePoint every day, and now she helps cook at the feeding program. Because of this, she no longer has to beg for money to feed her children.

Children’s Cup staff say he is a whole new child since attending the CarePoint.

The other kids used to tease Amilcar saying that his parents didn’t love him enough to feed him.

“Amilcar did not care for his own life,” Children’s Cup staff said. “He was very sick due to lack of nutrition and attention.”

Over time, Amilcar has not only gained weight but is active, healthy and happy. He went from disliking school to enjoying studying. He said that his schoolwork started improving out of nowhere.

“We know that it was because he was receiving a meal that fueled his brainpower,” Children’s Cup staff said.

Now Amilcar is proud of who he is. He understands what his mom is trying to say and acts as her translator. He dreams of becoming a civil engineer one day.

“He has received love, mercy and compassion and been able to give it out to others as well,” Children’s Cup staff said, adding, “Children’s Cup is a place where Amilcar can be free.”

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