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In Guatemala: 'Our Country is Going Through a Difficult Situation'

In Guatemala: 'Our Country is Going Through a Difficult Situation'

At least 110 people died and 197 are still missing after volcanic eruptions in Guatemala earlier this month, according to news reports.

The Guardian reports that Guatemala has ended its search for victims in the zone that suffered the most deaths and injuries from Volcán del Fuego’s eruption.

The volcano is less than 30 miles from the country’s capital, Guatemala City. It is a stratovolcano, meaning viscous lava allows gas pressures to build and leads to more explosive eruptions.

Some survivors lost entire families after the volcano sent what The Guardian described as “fast-moving currents of dust, lava and gas down its slopes in its greatest eruption in four decades.”

Feed My Starving Children’s partners continue to respond in the wake of this crisis. Four additional containers of FMSC meals have been requested.

While these meal requests have not yet been fulfilled, FMSC’s nine in-country partners have been able to use existing MannaPack inventory.

"Unfortunately our country is going through a difficult situation, but also as country we are united to help all affected people,” one of our partners reported.

Natural disasters like this lend themselves to a lot of uncertainty. But one thing we know for sure is that our partners will need to replenish their meal supplies. The need is so great, and we couldn't do a thing without you. Thank you for packing and funding meals this summer! 

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