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In eSwatini: Hope is > Isolation

In eSwatini: Hope is > Isolation

This story is part of our October newsletter. You can read the full newsletter HERE.

In June, our food partner Adventures in Missions (AIM) heard a horrifying report from a school in eSwatini (formerly Swaziland). The school had run out of food.

Many students hadn’t eaten in days. Several children had collapsed from hunger. It was chaos.

The teachers were traumatized. They wanted to help but had no food either. They felt helpless and alone.

Until you showed up.

Adventures in Missions

AIM had just received the shipment of FMSC meals you sent, so they had plenty of food to share with the school.

“We knew just what was needed to help these children,” said AIM staff. They crammed 33 boxes of MannaPack Rice into the back of a staff member’s SUV and drove to the school.

AIM’s staff was met with immense relief and joy.

Because you responded to these cries for help, this school full of precious kids knew they weren’t alone or forgotten.

This food, packed by your hands, truly arrived just in time.

“Without you we wouldn't have been able to respond in this manner. The children wouldn't be getting such healthy food. Now these kids will be able to pay attention and learn while in school,” said AIM staff.

Thank you for sharing with those in need and showing them hope is > isolation.

Adventures in Missions

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