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A Day in the Life of the Espinoza Family

A Day in the Life of the Espinoza Family

As I continue to learn about Feed My Starving Children's partnerships and the children we reach I often come face to face with a harsh reality. The privileges I have come to known such as my own room, a hot shower and a spacious bed are at the same time the ones I take for granted.

This reality couldn’t have become more clear as I read the courageous story of the Espinoza family.

The 11 member family lives a two bedroom house in the rural neighborhood of Valle el Lipululo in Nicaragua.

This small community encompasses the poorest of the poor, where houses are held together by nails and wire and families spend the years trying to survive on the little they have.

For the Espinoza family, this means long days farming and taking care of each other.


Jose, the father of the family works in the nearby fields. He spends the day harvesting crops and tending to the agriculture. The mother of the household, Angelica, spends her time taking care of their children and ensuring they receive an education.

For the 11 children, MannaPack™ Rice has been the foundation to give them strength for the 20 minute walk to school, and nutrients for a day of learning.

Angelica often adds ingredients such as tomatoes, green pepper, onions and the occasional meat to the meal.

As the cries of hunger have often been heard, MannaPack has provided has caused a sense of security for the family.

For families all over the world MannaPack is not only a source of a hot meal, but represents all the obstacles that can be conquered when you are no longer hungry.

Thank you for the continued support, and please continue praying, volunteering and giving to families all around the world.

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