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Joy and Vibrancy in Nicaragua: Rosa’s story

Joy and Vibrancy in Nicaragua: Rosa’s story

“You have been a refuge for the poor, a refuge for the needy in their distress…” – Isaiah 25:4

Meet Rosa, a vibrant 9-year-old girl who lives in rural Nicaragua with her parents and little brother.

This bright-eyed girl wasn’t always so vibrant. There was no work to be found in her family’s small community, so Rosa’s father struggled to provide for his family. They all suffered and went hungry.

With no roof on their home, Rosa couldn’t handle the elements she was exposed to day and night. Already weak from hunger, she suffered from anemia and recurring bouts of pneumonia.

Rosa was barely hanging on.

Feed My Starving Children food partner Feed The Hungry started a feeding program near Rosa’s home, and they began serving FMSC MannaPack™ meals.

Food is the Foundation

Complex political upheaval, civil war and protests have led to high unemployment rates in Nicaragua, and as a result, many Nicaraguan families are in a day to day struggle to survive.

“People are earning from between $1-$2 a day to try and make ends meet,” Feed The Hungry CEO, Stefan Radelich, said.

Nearly half of the children in Nicaragua don’t complete sixth grade because their families need them to work and make money in order to survive, according to Feed The Hungry.

Because you help FMSC provide much-needed MannaPack meals, Feed The Hungry can focus on expanding their feeding programs, providing access to clean water, teaching better hygiene, helping children receive an education and offering medical and vocational help.


Rosa is one of 30,000 children Feed The Hungry has been able to feed in Nicaragua. After a year and a half of eating nutrition FMSC meals, Rosa steadily grew stronger. 

Today, she has joy in her eyes. This difference is simply miraculous.

Because of you, Rosa has a bright future. You provide food when it matters most. You help children like Rosa heal and grow.

Please give today.

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