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A [Virtual] Food In Action Trip to Uganda

A [Virtual] Food In Action Trip to Uganda

“Without MannaPack Rice, thousands of children would die in Uganda.” — John Paul Kiffasi, Irene Gleesen Foundation Executive Director

FMSC food distribution in Uganda

Our journey begins in Kitgum, a district in Northern Uganda where more than 60% of people live below the poverty line.

Uganda is a landlocked country. Shipments travel thousands of miles and can take weeks to get to the center where FMSC partner Feed The Hungry works with the Irene Gleeson Foundation (IGF) to provide meals for thousands of children.

Kids at the start of a race in Uganda

Because of the food

At the IGF school feeding program, Head Teacher Richard Albinson Okana shares how the school meal program has increased attendance and the children’s attention spans. Because of the food, they have more energy — especially more energy to play!

kids in a classroom in Uganda

John Paul Kiffasi, IGF Executive Director, says that one of the greatest benefits of the food is that it reduces school dropout rates — especially in female students. Typically, only four out of 10 girls graduate since most stay home to cook for their family or are forced into early marriage. Because the school provides reliable meals, more families permit their girls to attend school longer, which has lessened early marriage and teenage pregnancies.

“We are not just feeding children in the school, but we are supporting an entire community. Without MannaPack Rice, thousands of children would die in Uganda,” said Kiffasi.

kids carrying boxes of FMSC food in Uganda

“This partnership is beyond what we see.”

In the nearby hills of Kitgum, we meet Pastor Alfred Komagum. Pastor Alfred first came to IGF as a child living in a refugee camp. He recalls having only green leaves to eat that his parents collected from nearby bushes — because going more than a half mile from camp could result in being kidnapped by rebels.

At IGF, Pastor Alfred found food — and hope. “Because of the food … I was able to survive and live and become the person I am today.”

Today, Pastor Alfred is married with five children and leads the first-ever church in this community.

“The impact is real … this partnership is beyond what we see. It is touching lives for generations. God bless you.” — Pastor Alfred Komagum

kids lined up to receive FMSC food in Uganda

Because of the food, communities in and surrounding Kitgum are thriving. Because of the food, children have the ability to grow up into healthy men and women — and into future leaders of their communities.

These are just the highlights from our [Virtual] Food In Action Trip to Uganda. Watch the full experience here

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