Sibongile's Story

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Sibongile's Story

Sibongile's Story

Sibongile makes beautiful beaded crafts. She was able to finish building a house for her family through her salary at the Khutsala Artisan Center. She’s also able to send her children to school!

She worked on weeding and harvesting at Project Canaan before moving to Khutsula Artisans, one of our MarketPlace partners.

She says:

Being employed here has been a privilege for me to support my family since my husband is no longer working since 2009.

I was struggling to pay the kid’s school fees, but Project Canaan came to my rescue. Whey my husband lost his job our house was only half built, but through my salary at Khutsala I have been able to complete the building.

Also the house has been wire and now we even have electricity!

About Khutsula Artisans:

Heart for Africa promotes sustainability in Swaziland in a number of ways – one being its creation of the Khutsala Artisan Center. Here, 80 artisans are provided with skills training and employment. The Khutsala Artisans Center provides the necessary skills and opportunities needed for Swazi men and women to provide for their families.

Fun Fact:

This tree ornament is made up of approximately 450 colorful beads and silver wire!

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