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MarketPlace: Q&A with Darguens from Vi Bella

MarketPlace: Q&A with Darguens from Vi Bella

Darguens is an artisan in Haiti who sews beautiful products for Feed My Starving Children artisan partner Vi Bella.

Vi Bella's mission is centered on providing a path out of poverty. Vi Bella, which means "beautiful life," began in 2011 as a way to provide steady work for Haitians that would assure food, shelter and education to families in communities where jobs are scarce.

In partnership with FMSC partner Mission of Hope, Vi Bella now employs more than 50 artisans, and offers a way for individuals to join the workforce and find dignity in their work.

How/Why did you begin doing this work?

I began doing this work while I was in school. Because my school was for deaf people, we had the opportunity to learn technical skills like sewing, painting, cooking, carpentry, computer class etc. I chose sewing and painting as those were what sparked an interest!

How long have you been doing it?

I have been doing this for 11 years. I started doing it since I was 15 years old. But I started working with Vi Bella since January 2018.

What is your favorite part of your work and the most difficult part?

I like many parts of my work, but since I started working for Vi Bella, I love doing the backpacks.
Some parts of the work are difficult, but we always try to find a solution.

What would you like to tell potential customers about you or your work?

I just want to tell the customers thank you for buying our products, and I ask them to continue doing this in a way to encourage and support us. This work has helped me and my family a lot. It’s through this work that I have the possibility to take care of my personal needs and more.

What inspires you?

Whenever I see a nice bag or a dress shirt, it inspires me to do it. I love doing new products. I love painting, and I enjoy doing some kind of jewelry as well.

What are your plans or dreams for your future?

I dream to be married one day and start a family. And I ask God bless me so that I can be more successful in life.

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