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Introducing Rosie's Boutique

Introducing Rosie's Boutique

We think you'll love our new FMSC MarketPlace artisan partner Rosie's Boutique. Rosie’s Boutique was founded by Touch of Hope, a nonprofit that provides quality education and orphan care in Haiti. Rosie's Boutique creates hand embroidered greeting cards with love in each stitch. Send a note to a loved one while providing a job for mothers in Haiti.

Each Rosie’s Boutique artisan has graduated from Touch of Hope’s Starfish Program, which provides support, parenting classes and skills training for women at risk of relinquishing their children to orphanages.

Kenia is one of the artisans employed by Rosie’s Boutique. Kenia describes what her life looked like before having consistent work to depend on week to week.

“This work has helped me so much. Before working here I was living in a very difficult way. The father to my baby lost his life in a tragic accident and after that my baby was becoming very skinny because I did not have a way to feed her, and she nearly died. We were living with different people and I never felt safe. It was then that I was connected with Rosie’s Boutique… and it has changed my life”.

 Rosie's Boutique artisan Kenia

Kenia is one of the women who tapes and finishes the cards. Rosie’s Boutique is so proud of how far she has come and her ability to take care of her daughter. She is now able to send her daughter Afaina to school because of her stable income. 

Micheline is another artisan at Rosie’s Boutique. When Micheline met with the staff at Rosie's, she was living in very small tent with her three children, all of whom were not attending school. Micheline then completed a year in the Starfish program, where she found a renewed hope.

After hurricane Matthew hit Haiti in October 2016, Micheline and her children lost everything they had and moved four hours away near one of her sisters.

Rosie's Boutique artisan Micheline and her children

All of her children are now in school, she has a stable income stitching our greeting cards and has also made a way to save money, purchase land and Rosie's nonprofit was able to build her a new home with donations. The child-like joy that Micheline carries is incredible and it is great to see the restoration that has come for her family since losing everything nearly three years ago. 

Malite is also an artisan employed by Rosie’s Boutique. Malite lives with HIV but she is a survivor and fighter. After spending eight months in a hospital, fighting for her life, she returned physically better but still felt hopeless as she didn't know how she would provide for her children.

She was then given a job making greeting cards with Rosie's and that stable income has been what's brought the true transformation she needed in her life. She now has the resources to care for herself and her children!

 Rosie's Boutique artisan Malite and her children

Your MarketPlace purchases provide fair wages that empower these women to rise out of their circumstances and work toward a sustainable future. They’re able to send their children to school and provide for their families’ needs.

Shop Rosie’s Boutique in the FMSC MarketPlace TODAY.

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