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YOU Helped FMSC Reach a Milestone

YOU Helped FMSC Reach a Milestone

Mark Crea is the Executive Director/CEO of Feed My Starving Children.

“For the word of the Lord is right and true; he is faithful in all he does.” Psalm 33:4

It took 25 years and a rededication to the Lord for Feed My Starving Children to reach 1 billion meals produced and given to God’s starving children.

We reached 1 billion meals on October 23, 2014.


Today, 21 months later with Gods continued blessing, we’ve reached the 1.5 billion mealmark!

This means children like 3-year-old Erix in the Philippines in now healthy and has hope for the future.

Erix was sickly, irritable and tired easily.

His mother thought he was teething, but our partner in the Philippines discovered that he was very malnourished.


“We don’t know what to feed our children to make them healthy!” his mother said.

Weeks after the regular feeding of MannaPack Rice™ began, Erix had an amazing transformation.

Bless you for your commitment to keeping FMSC focused on the Lord and feeding HIS children.

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