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Richardson Emergency Update

Richardson Emergency Update

Several weeks ago, Richardson, Texas, was hit by storm system that caused significant damage to our local packing site. We are so thankful that no staff or volunteers were injured, but FMSC Richardson is temporarily closed as we recover from storm damage.

FMSC Richardson is currently closed through July 7, at least — and our full recovery timeline is still unfolding. What we do know is this: For every day that FMSC Richardson is closed, we’re missing packing manpower and donations from over 400 volunteers.

Hurricane season in the Caribbean started this month, and experts predict this may be one of the worst on record. Our partners are bracing themselves for a hunger spike in already‑vulnerable countries like Haiti.

Our team is finding alternative ways to pack meals, and we are committed to fulfilling all of our promised shipments — but we still need your help.

  1. Fund meals now. Every 29¢ meal you fund makes a powerful impact.
  2. Start a fundraiser. Invite your family and friends to make an impact with you.
  3. Pack meals. Find your local packing site and turn hunger into hope with your own two hands.

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