Sitting With Pigs

Stories of Feeding God's Children Hungry in Body & Spirit

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Sitting With Pigs

Sitting With Pigs

In the impoverished village of Old Letant, Haiti, Nelson’s mother was unable to feed all four of her children.

With no other options, she would place him outside to sit among the pigs every day, where he was alone and exposed to the elements without food or water.

In November 2013, FMSC CEO Mark Crea and Sherry Burnette from Love A Child visited Nelson’s village.

When they found him, he was extremely malnourished and too weak to walk, eating dirt to quiet his hunger pains. Nelson’s frail arms and legs protruded from a very swollen belly. They knew something needed to be done immediately.

“When I picked him up,” said Sherry, “I could feel every bone in his body.”


Nelson’s mother gave permission for Sherry to bring the boy to the Love A Child orphanage, where he began the slow, long process of being weaned onto FMSC MannaPack Rice.

Due to his severe malnutrition, Nelson had developed a serious case of rickets, which distorted his bones and made standing and walking painful and very difficult.

After one month on MannaPack Rice, Nelson was getting stronger and showing signs of improvement—he was trying to stand! He was given a tricycle so he could move around more easily and strengthen his muscles, and soon was racing around the orphanage.

Now after more than eight months of love, attention and nutritious FMSC MannaPack meals, Nelson is healthyand thriving!

He charms everyone with his beautiful smile and adorable personality. He loves to run around, laugh and play. Good news—he will start school in September!

“We cannot thank the Lord and Feed My Starving Children enough for this wonderful food—a gift of life—you have given to the poorest of the poor!” –Bobby and Sherry Burnette, Love A Child

We don’t take these stories lightly. They are the very reason we do what we do. Nelson and so many other precious kids have a future because of your generosity.

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