He Struggled. YOU Brought Him HOPE.

Stories of Feeding God's Children Hungry in Body & Spirit

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He Struggled. YOU Brought Him HOPE.

He Struggled. YOU Brought Him HOPE.

Four-year-old Mpile (im-PEE-lay) stared at his bare feet as he stood under a tree. Tears ran down his face. His parents had abandoned him. Mpile was alone.

Little Mpile didn’t know why his parents had left him. Or why they didn’t come back. He felt like no one loved him. Mpile was struggling to survive.

His grandmother tried to care for him, but she simply couldn’t find the resources to provide for Mpile’s most basic needs.
His tummy felt unbearably empty all the time. He was so malnourished his hair was falling out.

When FMSC partner Children’s Cup found him in Swaziland, his cheeks were caked with dust. He had no shirt to wear. Mpile’s belly was alarmingly bloated and painful from intestinal worms.


His body was covered in an infection caused by ringworm. Children’s Cup began to slowly nurture him back to health.

They brought him to a nearby CarePoint, where Mpile was fed nutritious MannaPack™ meals that YOU provided. Medical staff treated his intestinal worms and infections.

His body began to heal, and through the tender care he received, Mpile’s little heart began to feel joy again. This happened because YOU gave.

“I remember seeing Mpile for the first time and weeping because of his appearance and how sad he looked. Now when you see him he is smiling and full of so much joy.” – Children’s Cup missionary

Mpile turned 10 in 2015! He is kind, playful and has a sweet personality. He wants to be a police officer when he grows up.

“Without a CarePoint providing MannaPack™ Rice and clean water, Mpile would not be the boy he is today.” – Children’s Cup

YOU make this happen every day. Because of you, kids like Mpile can be fed nutritious food and know the deep love of Jesus. It all starts with food.


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