You Restored Their Hope for Survival

Stories of Feeding God's Children Hungry in Body & Spirit

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You Restored Their Hope for Survival

You Restored Their Hope for Survival

Marie’s three-week old son, St. Luk, had spiked a fever of 103. He was really struggling. She had been feeding him bread porridge or plantain mush—it was all she had—but she didn’t have any hope for his survival.

She thought he would die.

Marie brought him to one of FMSC partner Children’s Health Ministries’ clinics in Haiti. They encouraged her to breastfeed so St. Luk could receive the nutrients he needed to stay healthy.

St. Luk

She rolled her eyes. She had no way to do that. Some days she ate nothing. Some days she only had a little bread and coffee. She couldn’t even find enough food to feed herself. How was she supposed to produce enough milk to feed her baby?

CHM asked Marie if she was able to eat healthy meals, would she commit to breastfeeding St. Luk?After several moments of silence, as if deciding whether this could actually be true and actually work, she agreed.

CHM gave Marie FMSC meals to take home. That day, she returned to her tiny one-room home in the foothills of the mountains above Carrefour, Haiti, with a glimmer of hope. Perhaps her son would live.

Eight months later, St. Luk weighed 18 pounds! He was now very healthy because Marie had done such a great job of breastfeeding him.

“I believe God sent you with this food to help families like mine that are struggling,” Marie said. “I feel much better about myself now that I am better able to provide more food for my family. Thank you very much.”

St. Luk

Marie accepted Jesus into her heart. CHM says, “It has been great watching Marie transform from a dejected, tired woman who thought she was going to lose her baby to a happy, glowing woman who is proud of her son and his health.”

St. Luk is a very energetic baby! He is learning to walk and likes to say “mama.”

This is the change YOU make through donating your time and resources to FMSC.

St. Luk is alive. His mother has HOPE. And it happened because of YOU.

St. Luk

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