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YOU Gave Her a Name

YOU Gave Her a Name

“…you are God my Savior, and my hope is in you all day long.” – Psalm 25:5

A tiny two-year-old sat on her great-grandmother’s lap. She wearily gnawed on a hard vegetable root. Her yellowed eyes stared vacantly.

The delicate toddler couldn't sit up on her own. At barely 12 pounds she weighed half what a healthy child should.

The skin on her legs draped around her thighs. Her hair was almost white from malnourishment.

The frail child’s mother abandoned her when she was a week old.

Her 77-year-old great-grandmother Benareta is the only person who tried to care for her in the dusty Ugandan village.

The best food she could provide was water and mashed plantains, which have little nutritional value. The child wasted away, becoming weaker and weaker.

There was no hope for the girl to live. Benareta expected her to die, so she didn't even give her a name. She simply waited for the little one to stop breathing.

“I was just waiting for her to die,” Benareta said. “God knew I had done my best.”

Because of you the story didn't stop there.


Because you provide funds for meal ingredients, because you pack the meals and because you pray, our partner African Children Today has FMSC meals on hand. They gave Benareta your FMSC meals so she could feed the little one.

Suddenly, everything changed. After eating FMSC meals every day for three months, the child slowly grew stronger. She gained almost nine pounds!

As a result of the hope you give, Benareta finally named the little girl!

 Her name is Jascent.

“I believe God exists,” Benareta said. “He remembered me and my children and brought life to us through this food.”

This is the difference you make when you give to FMSC. All it takes is a little food to give hope and life back to children like Jascent and their families.

Every child YOU feed has a name and a future created for them by God. Will you share your inspiring heart through a caring gift and save another child today?

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