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You Heard Jonathan's Hungry Cries

You Heard Jonathan's Hungry Cries

“A father to the fatherless…is God in his holy dwelling.” – Psalm 68:5

Meet Jonathan. He arrived at one of our Swaziland food partners almost dead.

Jonathan was 2. He couldn’t sit. He couldn’t stand. Or walk. He couldn’t speak. He was so horribly undernourished that his teeth were breaking off.

Jonathan’s mother couldn’t care for him. She left him with her grandmother, who locked him in a mud hut during the day while she was away selling vegetables. She soon grew tired of hearing his hungry wails and handed him off to another woman who also refused to care for him.

When our partner Heart for Africa (HFA) found out about Jonathan’s dreadful situation, they immediately took him in. Little Jonathan wouldn’t say a word. He would only squeal and grunt like the animals he had been locked away with.

HFA sped him to a hospital where he was admitted for tuberculosis treatment. Jonathan was hospitalized for several weeks.

Janine Maxwell, co-founder of HFA, said, “We longed for the day that he could come home and start eating MannaPack meals because we KNEW that would help restore his health.”

Within six months Jonathan gained 10 pounds and started to walk a little!


“He is strong and feisty and loves to play with the other children,” said Janine. “He still does not say any words, but we can tell he is a smart boy and he communicates well without language.”

Jonathan has such a fighting spirit. What a miracle his life is!

“We KNOW the gift of healthy, nutritious FMSC food is why Jonathan and so many other children we care for are alive today,” said Janine.

Your faithful generosity restores life to precious children like Jonathan, every day.

Would you give again today, so more like Jonathan can be rescued from death in Jesus’ name?

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