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Alex From the Philippines

Alex From the Philippines

Say hello to sweet little three-and-a-half-year-old Alex, who we first met in early 2015 deep in the mountains of Marinduque Island, Philippines.

When his father died from an illness, Alex’s mother was left alone to provide for her children.

Every day she fought to find enough food for Alex and his siblings. Sometimes she found roots to cook. Sometimes she found bananas or a coconut. But she often came home to their rickety bamboo hut empty-handed.

The family quickly became very malnourished. They had little hope for help.

By working together with other families from the village, Alex and his siblings scraped by.

Alex and  siblings

FMSC partner Risen Savior Missions (RSM) encountered the tiny mountain village where Alex lived. Because of already established feeding programs on the island and partnership with FMSC, RSM was able to begin feeding the families right away.

Two other families joined Alex and his siblings to eat the FMSC food together. They shared five bowls between eleven children—the six children without bowls patiently waiting for their turn to eat, staring at the food and watching the other kids eat with hungry eyes.

Now one year later, Alex and his family are doing well—they are healthy and happy.

It is such a blessing to know Alex has the opportunity to grow big and strong thanks to your generosity and faithful support!

Alex is featured on the cover of FMSC’s 2015-16 Annual Report, which you can read here!

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