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My FMSC Story: Kirstie

My FMSC Story: Kirstie

Kirstie Sherman is a MobilePack development advisor for Feed My Starving Children. This post is part of a series where Feed My Starving Children staff share their FMSC story. Follow along on social media with #MyFMSCStory. 

 I have worked at Feed My Starving Children for the later part of my twenties.

I have had many great experiences while working here, but certain ones stand out more than others. And one of these occurred in the October of 2012.

It was at the With Love From Vermont MobilePack in Essex Junction.

I was SO excited to be at this event. You see, I grew up in Vermont and when you grow up in Vermont you LOVERMONT.

This also happened to be the first and only MobilePack in Vermont to date so it was extra special.

I remember vividly standing in a circle in a middle school gym on a crisp fall day with the core team. Some of the members I knew and had been emailing for months, some I had just met that day.

The event supervisor, Cory, asked that everyone go around and say their names and the churches they came from before we opened in prayer.

This was not an uncommon opening to a MobilePack event, but something struck me that afternoon.

As we went around from person to person one of the host team members said his name followed not by the name of a specific congregation, but followed by a phrase that has stuck with me for years.

He said "today this is my church."

At the time it brought tears to my eyes. Even today -- years later -- it evokes strong emotions.

You see, in Vermont church is HARD.

I grew up there in a tiny little church. In Vermont, people aren't interested in church, they don't flock there on Easter and Christmas. They are largely opposed.

Well, that weekend the community didn't have to come to "church" because the team brought The Church to them.

In a middle school gymnasium filled with soy dust and vitamin powder the people of God were at work.


The people of God were feeding kids around the world AND they where showing a hardened state the love of Christ in action.

This happens a lot at MobilePack events. You see God at work in gyms and fellowship halls, at exhibition centers and fair grounds.

It is undeniable that He does amazing things through these events, but in the hustle and bustle of doing over 200 of them a year.

In the day to day of making schedules and checking on trucking it can be easy to loose sight of that.

It can be easy to focus on meal numbers and fundraising goals and forget that often times the MobilePack site is a sacred space.

A space where the people of God are indeed living out the call to be his Church. Where they are bringing the gospel to their neighbors in an unconventional way. Where they are using their talents to glorify God.

I could share story after story about how I have seen MobilePack host communities being the Church in the last four years.

I am so thankful for hearing that simple phrase, "Today this is my church," early on.

That phrase has continued to prompt me to slow down on events and take a moment recognize that this work is bigger than spreadsheets and finished pallets.

This is indeed kingdom work. And wherever I am, whoever I am with, when I am at a MobilePack I get to be part of the Church.


What a blessing it is.

Here's to feeding kids and feeding souls.

Be the Church my friends.

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