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Crisis in Ukraine: 1 year update

Crisis in Ukraine: 1 year update

In the year since the full-scale war began, the ripple effects of Russia’s attacks on Ukraine has spread across the globe — sending hunger rates soaring. Never before has FMSC navigated so many simultaneous global crises.


This winter, we received the following email from a man who relies on MannaPack® meals in Kyiv, Ukraine.

To: Feed My Starving Children <>
Subject: Thank you from Ukraine!


I got a pack of your rice and I made soup out of it. I would like to thank you for what you are doing. This pack has come a long way to me in Kyiv. My wife brought it to me from Poland, where she received it as humanitarian aid. The war separated me from my family and sent us severe trials. I ate soup and thought why some people send us missiles and want to kill us, while other people send us food and want to support us. Both of them do not know me personally, but thanks to one I have no electricity but I have the threat of freezing in the winter, and thanks to the others I can eat delicious soup while I have long lost my job. I want you to know that your efforts are getting there, even if you don't see the millions of people eating your rice. God bless you for your deeds!

“some people send us missiles and want to kill us, while other people send us food and want to support us.”

If you've donated to FMSC this year, he is talking about you.  

In a year of global crisis, you stepped up. You sent meals to the most vulnerable, hungriest places on the planet. And in response to the attacks in Ukraine, you sent to the region:

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The crisis isn’t over — but we’re not finished either. Your gifts today will continue to provide lifechanging meals in critical situations — from Ukraine to Turkey and Syria to Haiti and more.

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