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Why Melody gives mugs

Why Melody gives mugs

FMSC MarketPlace™ Haitian Clay Mugs are unique — even the clay itself comes with a story.

In Haiti, when a family is extremely hungry — when there are just no other options — they will sometimes mix clay from the ground with water, oil and salt to create a clay “cookie.” These cookies are eaten by adults and children alike to alleviate hunger pangs — even just for a bit.

By using this same clay to create beautiful mugs, artisans in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, sculpt their way to supporting their families!

artisan working a potters wheel

And FMSC supporter Melody in Arizona has found a way to add even more meaning to these mugs:

My mug obsession started in 2019 when a good friend found out she was chronically sick with Lyme Disease. I had picked up a book that had 100+ ways to encourage someone who is chronically sick and, in the book, it recommended a prayer mug that would be a reminder to pray for that person. I found a mug with a Bible verse on it and bought a matching mug for my friend. When I gave it to her, I committed to praying for her and her family every time I used the mug. I would often use her mug in the morning for coffee and take a quick picture of the mug and send a text letting her know I was praying for her. And so, it began!

red mug made in Haiti

This was the only mug I bought that wasn’t an FMSC mug. After this, I started buying different FMSC mugs in different colors – usually my friend’s favorite color or a mug that reminded me of them. The mugs were close to my heart since they support women in Haiti who FMSC has partnered with to help provide additional income through FMSC MarketPlace. Every time I bought a new set of mugs, I would share the story of FMSC and commit to pray for my friend every time I used my mug.

I bought my friend Cassie one of the first mugs in Teal Next Time. Cassie was in Chicago taking care of her elderly grandfather and I sent her a care package with several things that reminded me of her and the prayer mug. I picked teal because it was one of my favorite colors available at that time and it ‘happened’ to be one of Cassie’s favorite colors (coincidence? Or Jesus’ fingerprints? Lol).

I bought an Orange a Peel mug for my friend, Bethany, who was a new Christian and had just gotten baptized. Bethany has beautiful red hair, and the bright orange always reminds me of her.

I also bought a Caribbean Sprinkles mug for my friend Sam, who moved to Oregon with her husband. This mug had speckles of different colors in it, and it reminded me of the amazing artist that Sam is and the gift her friendship has been to me.

4 Haitian mugs

Melody has carefully selected dozens of mugs for friends and family — purchases that have been meaningful to her relationships but have also funded more than 1,160 FMSC meals in the process!

I have felt incredibly blessed by each friend and feel honored to pray for them in this simple way. In my phone’s camera roll, I have countless photos of random FMSC coffee mugs in various colors from texts that I’ve sent my friends to tell them I’m praying for them. I am constantly reminded through these mugs and through the history of text messages, of Jesus’ faithfulness, love and that prayer works! I look forward to buying more mugs in the future — each one is a reminder of the incredible gift of each friend and the impact they have made on my life. Praise God!

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