Shaimie's Story

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Shaimie's Story

Shaimie's Story

Drew Gneiser is the former social media specialist for Feed My Starving Children. 

We first told you the story of Shaimie from the Philippines back in April.

When our partner International Care Ministries (ICM) first met her, Shaimie weighed just 11 pounds. She began to receive FMSC meals.

Four months later, Shaimie had gained weight and could finally walk on her own. Read the whole story HERE.



Since our meals reach thousands of people, many of whom live in remote places, it’s sometimes difficult to receive updates on specific kids. ICM just sent us some brand new photos of Shaimie and her family!

Shaimie and her family live in a very remote area of the Philippines. To receive FMSC meals, they walk four hours to an ICM feeding site. Turns out, Shaimie is also a twin!

She’s healthy now, but shorter than her sister. The effects of malnutrition during Shaimie’s first months of life show how important nutritious meals are, especially for children.

When you pack meals at FMSC, you become part of a bigger story. Thanks for helping bring hope to Shaimie and her family.

The Original Story:

Three-year-old Shaimie used to weight just 11 pounds. As one of eight children in her family, nutritious meals were hard to provide for everyone. Shaimie’s mother, Marlita, worried about her little girl.

Shaimie was sick and unable to sit-up, stand, or walk. She couldn’t even speak yet, due to slowed brain development. Something needed to be done to save her life.

Marlita enrolled Shaimie in a program called Malnourished Children Outreach (MCO) through International Care Ministries (ICM), a Christian organization that receives meals from Feed My Starving Children.


Getting better in this program in Minadanao meant a four-hour round trip, five days a week for four months for Shaimie and her mom.

Shaimie began to eat FMSC MannaPack™ meals in ICM’s program.

Doctors monitored her progress and diagnosed Shaimie with tuberculosis, starting her on a six-month treatment plan.

Marlita received lessons in health and livelihood designed specifically for mothers, equipping her with vital skills to care for her family.

It’s estimated that 12,000+ family members have been helped in significant ways by ICM’s MCO program in the Philippines.

At the end of four months, Shaimie had greatly improved. She gained weight and could walk on her own. Shaimie even began calling her mom and dad, “mama” and “papa.”

In 2013, we hope to help our partners feed 20 percent more Filipino children. Please volunteer and donate today to help more kids like Shaimie.

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