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No Borders: Refugees in Iraq

No Borders: Refugees in Iraq

“He said ‘Love…as I have loved you.’ We cannot love too much.” ― Amy Carmichael

This post is part of a series about Feed My Starving Children meals reaching hard to reach places. See the first installment HERE.

Khalia’s husband, father and brothers were kidnapped and executed by ISIS in the same day.

“Suddenly, I have become all alone,” she said. “There is no one to help with the three kids, and everything in me is exhausted because of the deep sorrow.”

This widowed mother of three is one of about 250,000 Syrian refugees in Iraq.

Feed My Starving Children’s partner, World Help, is reaching these precious people in many ways – including providing FMSC meals that YOU pack.

Earlier this year, World Help provided 1 million meals to the most vulnerable refugees. As staff distributed these meals a few months ago, Khalia repeated her gratitude over and over.

“Your gift was a welcome reminder that there is still goodness in the world, and it was a powerful demonstration of Christ’s love in action,” World Help staff said. “Thank you for helping refugees like Khalia. Your decision to act is keeping families healthy and strong … and literally saving lives!”

The Situation in Iraq: In World Help’s Own Words

The people of Iraq are weary. For more than 10 years their nation has been at war, either with other nations or with rebels within their own country.
Thousands of homes have been destroyed, and the constant threat of violence has forced countless families to flee to refugee camps.

Parents struggle to find work and provide for their children since most businesses have closed their doors due to the fighting. Without a source of income, families must depend upon the kindness of others to keep from starving.

The refugee camps are frequently overcrowded, and there is rarely enough food to go around.

When government aid trucks arrive, the refugees stand in line for hours hoping for a small bag of rice or beans. But the food often runs out before everyone receives a share.

Rationing and skipping meals have become a normal part of life.

Please pray that the power of food will continue to reach the tough places, where children deserve to not only survive, but to dream for a future. As you read this, there are regions that FMSC is currently unable to reach. Please join us in praying for open doors and partnerships in those regions.

Editor’s note: names in this story have been changed to protect identities.

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