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MannaPack Packaging Used to Make Toys and Sleeping Mats

MannaPack Packaging Used to Make Toys and Sleeping Mats

In an orphanage in Myanmar, the children are not only receiving nutritious meals but are also reusing MannaPack™ bags in a very creative way.

As artist Bruce Garrabrandt once said, “Creativity doesn’t wait for that perfect moment. It fashions its own perfect moments out of ordinary ones."

For many of the families and children we serve around the world, their everyday moments are far from perfect. However, with a little creativity and a MannaPack bag there’s a wide variety of things to create.

Our distribution partner Venture works in Southeast Asia to provide MannaPack Rice in local communities and churches.

After receiving MannaPack in the orphanage, the children learned how to make sleeping mats from the used MannaPack bags.

The 'Hottest Toys' Around 

sleeping mat

Another way MannaPack bags are being reused is creating toys for children in El Salvador.

“A wonderful volunteer Mom at a Nutripunto in Morazan has found a new use for the MannaPack boxes - they have become the hottest toys in the community," FMSC food partner SAHF said.

After the success of the toys, this volunteer began making the toys for more kids in the community as well as teaching other mother’s how to make them.

It is thanks to our partners and the creative minds of those we serve that allow MannaPack to be used in more ways than one.

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