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FMSC Hunger Bulletin | May 2024

FMSC Hunger Bulletin | May 2024

Each meal you pack, fund and pray over equips FMSC partners to do transformative work around the world. Hunger relief is usually just part of what our partners do — but food is the foundation for so much more.


More than 1 billion adolescent girls and women suffer from malnutrition today. (UNICEF, 2023) Poverty drives a cycle of chronic hunger with malnourished mothers giving birth to malnourished babies. This cycle has far-reaching effects on communities worldwide.

But we dream of a world without hunger. As we approach World Hunger Day on May 28, will you take action today?

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Guatemala | Central America

Girl in Guatemala holding FMSC food

Percentage of children stunted (low height for their age, due to malnutrition): 46.5% (World Food Programme, 2024)

Guatemala faces severe hunger and malnutrition challenges. Nearly half of its children under five are stunted, the highest rate in Latin America and the Caribbean. The problem is stark around the Guatemala City dump, where thousands of families live in extreme poverty. They often rely on scavenging for recyclables to sell, which provides a meager income that is insufficient for adequate nutrition.

These urban poor not only face food insecurity but also significant health risks due to hazardous living conditions.

Guatemala is one of the most unequal countries in Latin America. It is multi-ethnic with a rich cultural heritage, but poverty and discrimination disproportionately affect women and indigenous people. Two-thirds of the population lives on less than $2 per day. Indigenous Mayans, who make up nearly half the population, have a poverty rate of 80%, with 40% living in extreme poverty. Women, in particular, face higher rates of poverty and violence, often sacrificing their own health to ensure their children eat.

Featured partners: Believe Guatemala, Food for the Poor


131.9 million meals shipped so far in 2024 (January–April)

That's enough to feed 361,477 kids a daily meal for a full year!

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