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[AUDIO] Firsthand stories from Ukraine

[AUDIO] Firsthand stories from Ukraine

For two years, full-scale war has raged in Ukraine. Families are torn apart, homes collapsed, infrastructure damaged and supply chains disrupted.

After two years, the situation remains critical. 1 in 5 families in Ukraine is hungry (World Food Programme, 2024).

But for the families you’ve fed, hope is alive.

Hear Valeria's story:


Hear Anton's story:


Hear Sofia's story:

Though this conflict has hit the two-year mark, FMSC partners have been deeply embedded in the region for years. And they’ll stay — long after Ukraine falls from the headlines. Every day, FMSC partners continue to navigate challenging circumstances from welcoming crowds of refugees to delivering critical nutrition in a battleground.

And we see this around the world. In Ukraine, in Haiti, in Venezuela, across the Horn of Africa … heartbreaking hunger, displaced families — and hope.

We are living through the biggest hunger crisis in modern history and your response is making a real difference every day in the most vulnerable, hungriest places on the planet. Will you give today?

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