One Week of Coins

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One Week of Coins

One Week of Coins

Before school let out for the summer, Tyler organized a coin drive for FMSC.

He made custom donation jars for all four of his classrooms at Magical Journey Learning Center and explained to the students and teachers his goal of collecting as much change as he could for FMSC.

Each morning he would deliver the jars and encourage kids to donate. In the afternoon he would pick up the jars and he would count the change and reveal the totals on a bar graph posted in the main entry of the school.

At the end of the week he sent out thank you notes to each classroom for their amazing support! The families at Magical Journey Learning Center donated $118.75 in just that one week.

He also raised $208 at home by collecting coins from family, friends and neighbors.

In just ONE week, Tyler raised enough for 1,300 meals!

Thank you Tyler! We are so inspired by your passion and drive.

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