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Bella's Box

Bella's Box

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Adam Hanson is a senior team leader at Feed My Starving Children. Here, he shares an AMAZING story of how little things become big things when God is involved.

I had her stand up. She was such a little peanut that I could barely see her head pop up among the crowd of volunteers. At the beginning of that packing session, Bella, a cute-as-a-button little girl, perhaps 6 years old, walked up to me and proudly held aloft a box with a slot in the top.

The box was filled with coins and dollar bills. “Did you fill this up?” I asked and Bella beamed. “Yep,” she said.

I told her how excited I was that she had filled up this box in order to feed starving kids and she grinned, turned and skipped back to her mother’s side.

Now, at the end of the shift as I addressed the crowd of volunteers who had just given up two hours of their afternoon to pack meals at Feed My Starving Children, I held up Bella’s box and called her out in front of the hundred or so in attendance.

She stood and I explained to everyone that Bella had brought in this box of her money because she wanted to feed kids. Bella, red-faced and smiling, bounced ever so slightly where she stood.

One of my favorite questions to ponder when I am at Feed My Starving Children is, “What if?”

What if what we do while we are there makes all the difference in a child’s life? What if this bag that I am filling with food means that a little girl who would have starved to death gets to be strong and healthy and run around and play?

Or this box that I put on a pallet means a mom gets to have the boy she loves back in her arms, rather than watch him slowly wither away.

After almost six years working at FMSC, I have heard enough stories and even seen some children brought back from the brink with my own eyes, that I know that these “What ifs” happen every day in the places we send the food.

And it’s the way God does it that makes me beam, that makes me stand in awe and maybe even bounce a little where I stand.

I explained to the audience that each meal costs Feed My Starving Children less than a quarter to produce and so each of the quarters in Bella’s box could provide a meal for someone who might be desperate for that meal.

Her donation provides the food, then packed up by volunteers, that could mean life for a child starving to death right now.

The audience gave her a great big round of applause, with enthusiastic cheers, and Bella sat down.

I had a few more things to say and then dismissed the volunteers to leave.

When I did so, more than a dozen other kids all around the room, stood up, unprompted, and walked up to me with handfuls of change or wadded up dollar bills.

They all wanted to donate to feed kids too. But not only that, they wanted to put it Bella’s box that I still held in my hands. One by one, they cued up and dropped their money into the box until it was brimming!

Sometimes problems seem impossibly big. World hunger and saving lives are big difficult problems.

But I am wonderstruck when I am reminded that God is feeding the world’s starving bellies, not by the biggest or most powerful of us, not by richest or most intelligent of us, but by little Bella, who when the opportunity came to fill up a box with what she had, she simply said, “Yep.”

Thanks Bella!

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