Trivia that Feeds Kids

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Trivia that Feeds Kids

Trivia that Feeds Kids

We can officially add trivia night to the long list of creative ways people have raised money to feed kids.

A team participating in the Food Heroes Competition at our Coon Rapids site recently held the fundraiser at St. Matthew Lutheran Church in Columbia Heights.

They raised more than $200 at the event, and have raised almost $1,300 overall in the competition.

“We hear a lot about issues — people going hungry, and it makes you stop to think, ‘I’m lucky to have enough food,’ and it makes you want to give back,” said Katie Landwehr, one of the organizers.

Organizer Karyn Naber loves that FMSC is in communities for the long term through our partner relationships, and that the organization is accountable.

“You know when you’re donating money and time that it’s really going to the purpose that God set in our hearts to do. There’s no question that the money we raise on trivia night is going to feed children,” she said.

Coon Rapids Team Leader Adam Hanson said it was great to see local businesses support the event by donating to the trivia night raffle.

The Food Heroes Competition has two parts: every team competes to raise the most money, and then they get together at a packing session and compete to pack the most meals.

Fourteen teams are competing in the March 11 event.

“If their team raised this much, and then other teams, suddenly a lot of kids are fed,” Adam said. “It’s a huge win for everybody.”

The last Food Heroes Competition raised about $18,000 – that’s a lot of kids fed!

What are some of the creative ways you have raised money to feed kids? We want to hear about it! Tag us on social media or email us at

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