Eileen's Story

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Eileen's Story

Eileen's Story

Suzy Lindberg is an FMSC volunteer who shares this sweet story about her amazing grandmother, Eileen.

“Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted.” -- Matthew 5:4

My grandma, Eileen Lindberg, was a devout follower of the Beatitudes, but believed in living the word over speaking it.

With this conviction, it was no wonder that Feed My Starving Children was one of her favorite organizations. She regularly raised money, organized groups to visit the Eagan facility, and packed meals herself.

As a child of the depression, her pet peeve was wasted ingredients spilled in the process. My grandma’s compassion was balanced by her vivacious nature -- and as anyone who has played games with her can attest -- she was a competitive force of nature.

Again, the rapid-but-precise task of packing meals at FMSC was the perfect fit.

Sadly, my grandma passed away unexpectedly over the fourth of July this summer. At her funeral at First Presbyterian Church in South St. Paul, 250 members of her family and friends celebrated her unique life and expressed shock over our sudden collective loss.

A common sentiment was something along the lines of, “If you thought 92 was old, then you didn’t know Eileen.” Until the end, she was sharp as a tack, driven in her endeavors, funny, and caring to all—represented especially in her role as primary caregiver of my grandpa through her very last day.

Because of her devotion to FMSC, our family suggested that memorials be given to FMSC in lieu of flowers. Amazingly, over $2,500 was donated by family and friends -- that’s a lot of meals.

Channeling Sadness into Packing Meals

September 16, 2016 brought a difficult milestone following this loss -- the day marked my grandparent's 70th wedding anniversary.

The occasion brought that “almost-there” ache of a missed event that was so close. Occasionally in life, fate delivers what you need in an exact moment.

In such a serendipitous coincidence, I heard about FMSC’s Target Field Pack at the Park event happening on this exact day.

target field

Members of my family channeled our collective sadness into doing some good for others, an action that I’m certain would have been just the celebration my grandma would have wanted for this day.

Our group donned hairnets and worked to pack more than 30 boxes of food at our table. The repetitive work offered time for reflections while still feeling like we were busy doing “something” of importance.

This packing contribution was part of a larger two-hour session where 275 volunteers completed nearly 100,000 meals for children in the Dominican Republic.

My grandma fed hundreds of children around the world through her charitable acts, and the best way for us to keep her legacy alive is to keep this service alive from our family.

Eileen was passionate about many causes like FMSC just as she was passionate about her family and marriage.

I know throughout her life she always hoped to teach us how lucky we are to live the way we do and to appreciate all of our luxuries. I hope this story will help her life’s work live on and inspire others to get involved.

FMSC is a great way to bond with your family or to honor someone who you are missing. I hope my family will continue to get together with FMSC to remember my grandma while helping those who are in need.


Eagan's Site Manager includes this piece of Eileen's story: 

At 92, Eileen was packing boxes of faith, hope and love (MannaPack Rice) on June 27,  just a few days before her death.  She faithfully was the group leader and organizer for groups from First Presbyterian Church in South St. Paul as far back as we have online records (which means she was doing this for far more than six years!)

 She was such a faithful supporter who shared the love and hope of FMSC with so many!!!

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