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In Texas: 'We're Going to do More'

In Texas: 'We're Going to do More'

The scent of tacos filled the orientation room at our new site in Richardson, Texas while two DJs set up in the packing room. This wasn’t an ordinary packing session.

Ivette Rouvroy, a powerhouse of a businesswoman based out of the DFW area, made sure of that.

She worked with Feed My Starving Children Major Gifts Officer, Polly Wright, and the FMSC's Richardson team to plan a special packing event spanning three sessions in one day.


People from Ivette’s network came all the way from Houston.

One of Ivette's businesses, Las Hadas Ballrooms, catered the event to ensure that volunteers were fed throughout the day and the sessions were done completely in Spanish.

“Ivette fed lots of people physically and spiritually,” Polly said.

When asked, Ivette will tell you that she has been more than blessed and has the ability to help those in need.

"I love [FMSC] because they really care about children,” she said. 

About 110 volunteers a session packed enough meals to feed 275 kids for an entire year.


Some people stayed for all three shifts. When asked if anyone had heard of FMSC before, not a single person raised their hand.

Every single person there was new to FMSC, and that demonstrates the power one person can have.

But more than that, Polly said this story demonstrates how each one of us can be used from the seat that God has given us.

She makes sure to ask every donor she meets with if there is anyone else who would be excited about FMSC’s mission. And that question is what led her to Ivette one day while sitting in the living room of faithful donors, the Figueroas.

Last year, Polly made a comment to the couple that FMSC was opening a location in Dallas, and Carlos Figueroa told her to call his good friend, Ivette.

“It was a very spontaneous comment that I never thought would create as much impact as it did for FMSC,” Carlos said. “That’s how things happen when God is behind the scenes. He doesn't need anything fancy. When He has a purpose, He uses normal people like us to advance his kingdom on earth.”


Sometimes if you share with one other person you just don’t know what can happen, what their network is, what they can do, Polly said.

Four months ago Ivette didn’t even know FMSC. Now, because of her, hundreds of people in DFW are feeding kids around the world.

And when Ivette left the Richardson site that day, she hugged the staff and with tears in her eyes said, “We’re going to do more.”


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