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Introducing Haiti-Made T-Shirts!

Introducing Haiti-Made T-Shirts!

In a typical clothing factory in Haiti, workers are often poorly paid and endure harsh work conditions. In contrast, each Haitian employed to create these high-quality shirts receives a livable wage and a low-stress, safe work environment.

This empowers these workers to provide for their families, save money for the future and send their kids to school.

Apparel done different.™



This Haiti-made apparel disrupts the clothing industry status quo by providing Haitians a living wage and a safe working environment.

Plus, each shirt provides life-saving FMSC meals to kids around the world.

As you can see, we’re pretty excited.  

You’ll receive this T-shirt as a thank you gift for your $80 donation.

Thank you for joining us in disrupting the status quo.

Editor's note: Minimum wage in Haiti is about $5 a day. Our partner, The Go Exchange, pays more than twice this rate. The average GOEX employee provides for about 10 people with their wage. You can read more about the economic situation in Haiti HERE

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