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How YOU can Feed 11,000 MORE Kids Every Month

How YOU can Feed 11,000 MORE Kids Every Month


That's right...Feed My Starving Children is building A PERMANENT PACKING SITE in the Lone Star State!


Why Dallas?

FMSC has been in Dallas since 2008 through incredible MobilePack events, and your support has been amazing. We are SO excited to expand permanently into the Dallas-Fort Worth area. This permanent packing site will unite businesses, churches and schools, providing a powerful volunteer experience for people of all ages.


With this site, together we can feed 11,000 more kids a month!



4 reasons why a site in DFW is going to be amazing

1. Unites the DFW community under a powerful cause.

2. Feeds 136,000 more kids every year!

3.The site will be open six days a week year-round

4. The FMSC MarketPlace -- for handmade artisan goods from communities that receive MannaPack meals

Your generosity reaching further

But we need your help to make all of this possible. When you donate to our Dallas campaign, you’re not just funding a building, you’re making it possible for us to pack more meals to feed even more kids.

You’re extending your hands, extending FMSC’s reach, so more can be fed. And every dollar brings this site closer to opening. Thank you for making your gift today!

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