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How to Make Volunteering a Priority in 2019

How to Make Volunteering a Priority in 2019

“It always seems impossible until it’s done.” – Nelson Mandela 

In 2007, Duane and a group of fellow church members made the commitment to volunteer at FMSC each month. Since then, this group has provided 2.5 million meals for children around the world!

Duane and members of his church took one small step – donating two hours of their time each month – to make a difference in a child’s life. This step led to even bigger results than they could have ever imagined.

As a new year begins, we encourage you to take a step towards making a positive change in the world around you.

For Duane, one step in his local community made an even bigger impact in our global community.


Join world changers like Duane in the packing room in 2019 so we can feed more kids than we have ever before.

It can be so easy to focus on the end result we want, that we lose track of what steps need to be taken to get there. But it all starts with one small commitment.

Whether your goal is to pack once a week or once a year, we hope Duane’s story encourages you to start somewhere. 

This year, we want you to commit to packing one more time than you did last year. If you packed meals once last year — come twice! If you packed three times last year, come one more time!

Share your volunteer goals with us on social media with #OneMoreTimeChallenge.

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