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The Difference 24 Cents Makes Around the World

The Difference 24 Cents Makes Around the World

“May he defend the afflicted among the people and save the children of the needy…” – Psalm 72:4


We often talk about the difference a quarter makes. A lifesaving MannaPack® meal costs just 24 cents. But this takes on new meaning once you realize the inequities people around the world face due in part to conflict and disasters.


If people in New York State had to pay the same % of the average income on a plate of food as someone in South Sudan, that meal would cost them $392.82, according to a new report by the World Food Programme.


In Haiti, where Feed My Starving Children works with 95 food partners, that breaks down to $73.76 for a single plate of food.


As this difficult year draws to a close, the urgent need for food does not.


The World Food Programme has said that 2021 will be a “make or break” year as nations on the brink of starvation are pushed over the edge by the effects of COVID-19.


So, as we face a new year — a year that is critical for so many families around the world — remember the impact 24 cents can make.


Today, HOPE for the new year starts with you.

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